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Gift Wrapping

We deliver “Acts of Wow”- it’s in our core values. Gift wrapping is one of them. Our specially selected (and highly trained) team of Grannies all have extra-long, double jointed fingers; they have an endless supply of tea and cake and they work in absolute comfort according to International Regulations Governing the Voluntary Deployment of Grannies (IRG TV DOG).

Team Grannie wraps each Gift individually in our special luxury Cuckooland paper complete with a beautiful designer ribbon; hand written Gift Tag and a generous sprinkling of yesteryear magic- take a peek. Note the photo of Grannie Gladys carefully and painstakingly wrapping each one.

Products eligible for Gift Wrapping are marked “Available for Gift Wrapping” on the product detail pages.

Why not use our “add a message” function and include a few words to your nearest and dearest on a Cuckooland gift tag? 

Our Gift Wrapping service is £4.95 including Ribbon and Gift Tag and regardless of Gift size.

The kind of surprises you'll love...

For the sake of health and safety we are obliged to tell you that the above statement is sort of true, kind of and not really but maybe. Real Grannie outfits were used, and our actors are all real warehouse personel who know of a Grannie (They have had one or still currently visit one). Cake was consumed and tea was drunk, but both consumables consented to it.  Also please note that no Zebra Centaurs were injured in the making of this presentation. 

Granny Gladys wrapping
A shining example of Cuckooland gift wrapping
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