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About Us (Who are we?) is a Magical World of Stylishly Quirky Homeware and Unique & Unusual Gift Ideas. A Luxury Lifestyle Emporium showcasing an Original Collection of Unique Furniture & Homeware; Cool Kids Beds; Niche Gifts and all things Wow, Weird and Wonderful... sourced by Zebarella and her Team of Buyers from the World's (UK, Europe, America & Australia's) freshest, brightest new Designers & Manufacturers. On each product page we display the Brand, the Designer, the Country and why these products are so special. Quality Products that the general consumer may otherwise never find.

So what makes our online store so different? and all our products represent "Cuckoo" (Unique, Unusual, Quirky, Original) versions of popular products & themes (which themes are purposeful & functional) from all over the World - for example our Pill Designer Easy Pour Hot Water Bottle is of course first & foremost a Hot Water Bottle - that's a popular theme, but the design & benefits - the Neoprene Material that helps it stay warmer for longer and the 19th Century Canteen styling that's been redesigned into a modern day classic with an Easy Pour Funnel - qualifies it as a Cuckooland product. Our Unique Mighty Purse Clutch Bag is another great example, its a Luxury Leather Purse with a Built in Phone Charger that charges your Phone on the go, offered in 12 vibrant original colours! The same can be said for our Lotus BBQ Grills (stylish, portable, healthy alternative); our Outdoor Rugs (innovative, weatherproof, affordable) in fact the vast majority of our products have something quirky and original about them.- that's how they qualified as Cuckooland products! We're especially proud of our range of Unique Childrens Beds and Kiddies Furniture - from crazy Cabin Beds to unusual Treehouse Beds; Caravans with extra storage, shelving & name plates, Tent Beds with operational flaps. Themed Childrens Bedrooms like Astronauts, Fairies, Firemen, Surfers, Princesses, Footballers are all covered, all with that sprinkling of Cuckooland magic. 

Our tone of voice, imagery and products all create a world on the other side of the rainbow, a place of intrigue to return to, a unique upmarket shopping experience with a fun gooey centre... and the kind of products and surprises you'll love! 

Welcome to Cuckooland!

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If you're enjoying this read, here are some more little known Cuckoo facts about us:

In October of 2011 we (three partners) set sail on a journey of sorts. From Canterbury to Nottingham and from Las Vegas to Dorchester we met with some of the most remarkable people; people involved in the best web design and development in the country, influential business leaders who have pioneered some of the most successful e-commerce stores on the planet, and on the web and in passing, a large handful of generally helpful and knowledgeable individuals who have been prodding, nudging and guiding us along this incredible journey.
The insights and experiences, including the valuable tools needed to conduct our research and analysis and the sourcing of our products were given up freely (and sometimes not so freely) by all those mentioned above. All of whom have played a part in unearthing who we are; the DNA that’s unique to us, that something special that we are born of that's difficult to copy. The wow and the niche.

Every product in Cuckooland has been carefully selected to fulfill one purpose and one purpose only… to enrich our lives. We feel that strongly about it.

We feel the same way and we apply the same care and attention to customer service. Impeccable customer service underpins who we are and what we stand for, which is why our 17 point “Core Values” document is sung with ear shattering gusto (and a glass of champagne) before each and every team member begins their journey here at Cuckooland.

As you navigate through Cuckooland you will probably stumble across Zebarella, our vivacious Zebra Centaur who is not shy to recommend products & offer up special deals (and generally voice her opinion). Her world is a magnificent place bursting with exquisite lifestyle embellishments, unique & unusual gift ideas & hidden gems, most she unearthed herself, a bounty of fabulous items for you- luxurious lifestyle products & truly timeless treasures & designer furniture for your home; fantastically fun & functional childrens beds, bedroom furniture & original products & artifacts for kids; manly yet soulful products for him (yes they exist!) & carefully handpicked items for every auspicious occasion. 

Some say we’re mad, in fact most say we're mad, but if mad means hand selecting each & every item and then choosing only the most beautiful & most unique whilst gorging on chocolate & sushi and then washing the whole lot down with a bucketful of champagne… then that’s our title, although we prefer cuckoo.

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